tirsdag den 2. august 2011


It´s been ages since I blogged the last time, I guess I am not so much in the mood, though at times I have a good blogstory to be told:)

One of my favorite things about summertime is the water. Not the water that has poured down most of this Danish summer, but the water to swim in....

I am so fortunate to work on a small Island...this means water EVERYWHERE...

When the weather forecast says sunsunsun hothothot, I usually bring my swimsuit to work. Then after a hot long day at work I go for nice cool swim before driving home...THAT is life, I love it!

søndag den 6. marts 2011

castle run 4,3k

I did it, I did my first official run (I am unsure if that is the correct english expression?).

Yesterday me and a colleague kick started the running season by joining the 4,3kilometer run done on the northern part of Langeland, by the town Tranekær.
Kort over Langeland og det Sydfynske Øhav

It was a route through the forest and it was actually a little bit dangerous. The snow was still around, but it was melting so it was muddy and slippery, not so good.

Anyways we made it through and they served hot cocoa and cake at the finish line:)

I tried to made this a work event, but only me and one other girl actually joined. Hopefully more will join the 10k run this summer that we have plans to make an event around. Maybe the party we plan afterwards will attract some more colleagues.

OK so this kick started my blogging in 2011, let´s see how inspired I will be this year to do some writing here:)

onsdag den 3. november 2010

seeking brain printer

Today I have dreamed about plugging in a printer to my brain and then hit enter so that all the information I have in there get down on paper without me having to SIT DOWN AND WRITE IT...Ah! Really, I have ADMIN overload, and my fingers are not fast enough!

But now I am eating lovely cake, so everything is good:)

tirsdag den 26. oktober 2010

Yalla Dance 1

Currently listening to Yalla Dance "Arabia's hottest dance floor tunes". I got it in Doha airport on my way home from Thailand. Can´t really stand still while listening to it. I really must say I am quite fond of arab music and dance. I love the way they move and I love to imitate the movements, though it probably looks very silly. I On my way to Thailand I got Yalla Dance 3, but Kat loved it so much I had to leave it with her, that is a very good cd too, better than the one I have here. Fortunantly Kat is now back from Thailand WITH the cd, yeh!
Counting the small joys of every day life:) Today the small joys count, the cd, the after work Belgian West Malle I had earlier at my favorite pub, singing Taize with the ladies.

søndag den 25. juli 2010

Getting a car....

...is no easy business. I promise to go back to Thailand stories next blog post, but right now my whole life revolves around buying a CAR!!! It has been one stressful job. I decided this week that I definently want a car, the decision came along with swithcing to full-time with a colleage and the bus route stopping per august 1st.

So my criterias where enviroment friendly, low maintainess, enconomic...

Well, to make a long story short, I have surfed endlessly on the net and driven miles and miles on my bike to see and testdrive some cars...I did not see it coming but I fell hard and good for Italy. A Fiat Punto swept me off my feet and unless I have terrible nightmares tonight and unless my boss tells me not to, that´s what I will end up with.

Oh dear, it´s just not a good business to get a car, it´s just expences expences...

tirsdag den 22. juni 2010

impressions of thailand, so far.

oh my, at an internet cafe on the other side of the river from katrine's room at the UCE place in BKK, by the on nut skytrain station.

first time online since i got here, i must say it's wonderful not to be online. outside the rain started pouring down ten minutes ago, a good moonsoon rain, loveit.

oh my, thailand got to me, i did not think it would. i guess i didn't even have expectations, just came to see my friend, excited to go to a country i haven't been to.

thai people are so terrible friendly and honest (at least the people i have met so far). katrine got under the skin of many of these people and it's amazing to see how they just love her; at work neighbourhood friends and family friends.

i am having the best sort of vacation where i just jump into katrine's dailylife and participate in it for the time i am here.

i have so many impressions and stories to tell of adventures and people, but for now i leave you with this, pictures will come later.